Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  What is Cliff Park?

A. Cliff Park High School is a new age  academic learning high school for students ages 16 to 21 who have experienced difficulty in a traditional high school setting.  It is tuition free and we help them successfully earn that coveted high school diploma . 
Q2. How is the Cliff Park High Schools teaching method?

A. There are no traditional classes, grade levels or homework. Students work at their own pace in personalized study programs on individual computers with the aid of highly qualified teachers. Students attend one four- and one half hour session that is scheduled to accommodate jobs or family obligations.
Q3.  What kind of classes do students take?

A. Students study science, English, math, history and all the classes necessary to pass the OGT and graduate with a high school diploma.  They also take vocational classes and other electives.
Q4.  Do students only work on computers?

A. Students still have to write papers and read books just like in other schools.  They also spend time volunteering or working.  Teachers provide one on one assistance and students work together in small groups.
Q5.  What do people need to do to enroll?

A. Young adults between the ages of 16 and 22 who haven’t obtained their diploma or GED. Call the school at 937-342-3006 and we will explain all of the documents you will need to enroll.

Q6. Do we provide transportation?

A. Transportation is provided to Springfield students in the form of city bus passes.  Maps and route schedules are available in the main office.  Depending on the home district of the students outside of the Springfield City School district transportation may be available by the student’s home district.