School Leadership


Ciqueda Knight

School Director

Ciqueda Knight has accumulated over six years of experience in the field of education while thoroughly enjoying the role of mentoring students to help them achieve their full potential. As one of the inaugural team members responsible for launching Cliff Park High School's sister school, Liberty High School, Ciqueda feels fortunate and grateful to witness its remarkable success.

Initially starting as the Enrollment Specialist, Ciqueda dedicated her efforts to bolstering enrollment numbers and enhancing the overall educational experience for the students. After a year, she transitioned into the Family Advocate position, where she proved to be a trusted and compassionate listener, offering invaluable support services to both students and their families.

Working alongside dedicated colleagues, they collaborated with the local food bank and various community partners to establish a food pantry within the school, providing essential weekly food assistance to families in need. Their commitment to educating the students led to the creation of meaningful partnerships with several community organizations, with a strong emphasis on nurturing the "total student."

Throughout her journey, Ciqueda Knight actively explored and acquired diverse problem-solving techniques, operational improvements, and student success strategies. This growth ultimately propelled her into the role of Dean of Students, where she focuses on employing restorative justice techniques, offering students the space for accountability, responsibility, and personal growth.

Presently, Ciqueda feels deeply honored to serve as the Director of Cliff Park High School, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to steer the school toward new heights and foster a culture that benefits everyone for many years to come.